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Alex; New Jersey
Height: 5’1 ; 155 cm.
Age: 17
This is my thinspo. Read 'About Me' for more info:)
hw: 129 lbs.
gw1: 120 lbs [x]
gw2: 117 lbs. [x]
gw3: 115 lbs. [x]
gw4: 110 lbs. [x]
cw: 102
ugw: till i'm toned&happy in a bikini []
Fitness goals
- run an 8 min. mile []
- middle split []
- run in a sports bra []
- run in color run []
- round-off backhandspring[]
- make varsity cheer [x]
  • Me: I'm hungry.
  • My friend: Yeah, me too. I'm on a diet and all I got to eat today was a couple pieces of celery
  • Me:
  • My friend: I had a cookie like an hour ago though
  • My friend: and then a bag of sun chips, cause they're healthy
  • My friend: Well, I'm gonna take a nap, i'm tired
  • Me: I'm gonna go running, have fun!
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